• 1

    Customizable pre-treatment checklist

    Improve confidence and accountability with checklist workflow and e-Signature.

  • 2

    Efficient QA with CamScale

    CamScale™ provides simple, fast and precise position verification that is recordable and reproducible.

  • 3


    Integrated with BrachyVision, ARIA, Eclipse, and the majority of Varian applicators.*

  • 4

    Simple touchscreen controls

    Improve efficiency with quick access to patient treatment information.

  • 5

    Real-time troubleshooting

    SmartConnect™ remote service monitoring gets you back up and running quickly.

  • 6

    Predictive maintenance

    Maximize uptime by getting ahead of maintenance needs.



Introducing BRAVOS (01:32)


Improve throughput without sacrificing patient comfort or safety.


Communicates seamlessly with ARIA®, Eclipse™, BrachyVision™ 3D treatment planning, and more.

Easy to use

Intuitive readout and easy touchscreen controls simplify treatments.

Complementing BRAVOS


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BrachyVision simplifies the development of complex brachytherapy treatment plans.

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GammaMedplus iX

This solid, reliable afterloader is the fifth generation of a long and successful line.

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We’ll help you get connected

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Our specialists can help you integrate Varian into your workflow.

If you are a current customer and need product support, please visit our Customer Support page 奔驰a级和凯美瑞 奔驰a级和凯美瑞 ,直播视频在线观看网站 直播视频在线观看网站 ,b级通缉令什么罪 b级通缉令什么罪